A great work of art is that which moves and touches one's spirit and adds to one's experience
of the world, but does not impose on one's values. It lets one take from it what one wants or
(Maritza Burgos)


Our club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the months of September, October, and November,
(skipping December) and January, February, March, April and May. We meet at the Grove
Family Library (101 Ragged Edge Road) in Chambersburg, PA from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Our
programs are free and open to the public, one need not be a member to attend. We offer
presentations and critiques of interest to creative artists and photographers.
                    NEWS AND COMING EVENTS


The SATURDAY January 10th meeting will be held at Grove Family Library (101 Ragged
Edge Road South) from 1‐3pm (12:30 social time!) and will feature an abstract oil demonstra
tion by artist Kurt Smith of Shippensburg. Kurt attended Shippensburg University in
the 80’s, studying art and psychology, before moving to Santa Cruz, California to begin a
career in graphic design, painting all the while. Upon returning to PA he started his own
graphic design/printing company called Vivid Imagery. In 1999 Kurt was one of the
founding board members of Shippensburg Arts Programming and Education (SHAPE) and
has worked with that organization since then to build a viable arts culture in Shippensburg.
Continuing to paint, he has exhibited in many shows in the central PA area as well
as in a solo exhibit in Baltimore in 2004. “I have always seen the world differently,” he
says. “When I look at someone or something, I see what my eyes tell me is there. Reality.
Then an overlay of color and form reveals itself from the essence of the subject. My art is
born of this duality of my perceptions. In whatever medium, the amalgam of the two becomes
an abstraction of reality.”

The Wednesday February 11th meeting will be held at Grove Family Library
(101 Ragged Edge Road South) at from 7‐9pm (6:30 social time), and will
feature a demonstration of pen & ink techniques by Michael Gavazzi. Michael
has sketched and drawn for as long as he can remember, however, he
has only unveiled his work to the world just recently. Following another passion
of his as a career, Michael has been a master's level teacher of American
History at Carlisle High School for the past eighteen years. In May of
2014 Michael completed a two‐year project, self‐publishing an original graphic novel en��tled
Opaque. Encouraged by his
early success with Opaque, Michael decided to sell prints of his art on his website (www. and on
the web markets Etsy and Fine Art America. Michael is currently working on the follow‐up graphic
novel to Opaque, con‐
tinues to draw and work in ink, and continues to teach American History.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming Alliance meetings at the Grove Family Library
Saturday, January 10, 1‐3pm (12:30 social time): Kurt Smith, abstract oil demonstration
Wednesday, February 11, 7‐9pm (6:30 social time): Pen & ink demonstration by Mike Gavazzi
Saturday, March 14, 1‐3pm (12:30 social time): Watercolor demonstration by Glen Sabetto
Wednesday, April 8th, 7‐9pm (6:30 social time): Critique of members’ works by Freya Qually
Wednesday, May 13, 7‐9pm (6:30 social time): Amy Lindenberger, so
it‐focus colored pencil

Art Alliance dues are due between July 1 and April 15, for the membership year of July 1 through
June 30. Dues are $30 per year and support the club by paying for speakers, our newsletter and
donations to the Library and Church who generously host our meetings and our show. Once again
this year, members paying their dues before January 1 will be entered into a drawing where the
winner will earn free membership for the following year! Winner will be announced at the January
10th meeting. If you have any questions about your membership status, please call our Treasurer
Suzanne Gessay at work 267‐3488 (10:30 ‐ 5:00) or at home 264‐6629 (before 10AM and after 8 PM).

At the September FCAA meeting it was suggested that Alliance members might be interested in
forming a group for artistic get-togethers through Meetup, an online social platform for people to
organize or facilitate local groups that meet in person to share interests, identities and activities.  
Meetup helps people find others who share their interest or cause, and form community groups that
regularly meet face-to-face; it will be a good way to get in contact with younger people who are arts-
oriented, so they can learn about the Alliance.  There are all kinds of meetup groups for all kinds of
topics like hiking, book clubs, artists and musicians.  Events are posted and emailed to members
who can RSVP on line; there is no cost to participate. Alliance member Dallas Coble will start up our
group; contact her at if you’d like to help. To see what it is all about visit and click on Arts & Culture groups within 25 miles of Chambersburg; she
will have it up and running soon if not already!

Franklin County Art Alliance