A great work of art is that which moves and touches one's spirit and adds to one's experience
of the world, but does not impose on one's values. It lets one take from it what one wants or
(Maritza Burgos)


Our club meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the months of September, October, and November,
(skipping December) and January, February, March, April and May. We meet at the Grove
Family Library (101 Ragged Edge Road) in Chambersburg, PA from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Our
programs are free and open to the public, one need not be a member to attend. We offer
presentations and critiques of interest to creative artists and photographers.


The April 9th meeting will be held at Grove Family Library (101 Ragged Edge Road South) at 7
PM (6:30 social time) and will feature a mixed media demonstration by art-ist and educator
Kristi Arnold. A native of Texas, Kristi Arnold currently teaches at Harrisburg Community
College. She earned a BFA from the University of Kansas in 2001 and an MFA in 2005 from the
University of Connecticut. In 2010, Arnold moved to Sydney, Australia from the U.S. to pursue
a PhD in painting at the Sydney College of the Arts. Directly after graduate school, she
traveled to Krakow, Poland to complete a Fulbright Fellowship. Her work has been exhibited
widely throughout the U.S. and abroad including countries such as Belgium, Australia, Japan,
South Korea, Bulgaria, Poland and Austria. She has also been an artist-in-residence in
Belgium and Australia, at the Lawrence Art Center in Kansas, and a visiting faculty member at
the University of Kansas. “Throughout my art practice, I explore contrasting notions,” Kristi
explains, “beauty/ugliness, representation/abstraction, order/disorder, and the poetic/horrific -
all through the juxtaposition of opposites, whether through shape or color. In the Alliance
demonstration, I will introduce how to create and use stencils from cut paper to create
patterns and repeat forms on canvas in order to abstract imagery.
                     NEWS AND COMING EVENTS

    Mark your calendar for our upcoming programs!

    April 9:         6:30 social time; 7pm meeting. Program: Demonstration by Kristi Arnold
    May 14:         6:30 social time; 7pm meeting. Program: Gary Johnson, “Is Photography an
    June 6-12:         FCAA Annual Exhibit at Calvary United Methodist Church

    Art Alliance Shows at Chambersburg Hospital
    Long-time Alliance member - and former President and treasurer - Jean Strike, is stepping
    down after 20+ years of coordinating the shows at the Hospital, and the Alliance extends its
    heartfelt thanks to Jean for all of her hard work. Her extensive efforts resulted in wonderful
    exposure - and many sales! - for Alliance artists, as the Hospital has proved to be a wonderful
    venue for local artists, and many works have sold over the years. Now, Alliance member
    Derena Martinek will be coordinating the shows, with assistance in hanging from long-time
    volunteers Noelle Miller and Jack Kier, joined by new recruits Jean Harshman and Barb
    Petrucci.  Call Derena at 263-3514 to sign up for a show for 2016, or to see if you’re on the list
    (already scheduled - thank you, Jean!) for 2014 and 2015.

    Art Alliance Dues
    The club’s dues are due between July 1 and April 15, for the membership year of July 1
    through June 30. Members paying their dues before January 1 will be entered into a drawing
    where the winner will earn free membership for the following year! The winner will be
    announced at the January 8th meeting. If you have any questions about your membership
    status, please call our Treasurer Suzanne Gessay at work 267-3488 (10:30 - 5:00) or at home
    264-6629 (before 10AM and after 8 PM).

    We are looking for members who are interested in contributing to a blog for the Art Alliance. A
    blog could be used to post about a particular subject of interest, coverage of a workshop
    attended or maybe a feature article on a member or other local artist. The blog could be linked
    to the website and entries can be posted on Facebook. The hope is that this will further the
    efforts to let people know about the organization. Anyone interested can contact Dallas Coble
    at 717.538.9266 or email

The Alliance’s Bus Trip Committee is currently seeking new members to assist in the planning and
execution of bus trips. Please contact our president Sam Adams at or 262-4937
if you’d like to help!  Traditionally we have offered one trip per year, to one or two museums in
Washington, Philadelphia or New York; tasks include scouting out interesting shows, renting the
bus, and accepting the reservations - current members will help you!
Franklin County Art Alliance